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Smadh Electric is group of Labberu base on Komplek Bengkong Mas Blok C/5, Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia. We are Distributor Cubicle Schneider and Minera Oil-Immersed Transformers. For more information, don't hesite to contact us to : 0778 7020 406. This is more information for Minera Product from Schneider

- Minera Oil-Immersed Transformers Upto 5MVA-36kV
Depending on the methods and the standards applied in your country, a transformer should be best adapted to the structure of your distribution network while offering the most cost-effective solution. With a large industrial world-wide platform, we offer versatility and flexibility and are able to deliver you the oil-immersed distribution transformer to meet your needs. Whatever the transformer type you require, you will find your solution in Minera. With more than 80 years of experience and over two million oil-immersed transformers installed worldwide, you can be sure of investing in a proven technology, constantly enhanced in our competence centers.

Our standard range of Minera transformers is available as:
• Three phase units (single phase available on request)
• With ratings up to 4 000 kVA, 36 kV, 50/60 Hz • With conservator or hermetically sealed type • Ground, pad or pole-mounted
• Naturally cooled (ONAN), air forced (ONAF) or other type of cooling upon request • With normal or low noise or loss levels
We also offer (upon request) higher ratings up to 100 MVA, 170 kV and transformers for special applications (rectifier, hazardous area, earthing, welding, transformers with OLTC,reactors, solar power plant, wind mill application etc.).

- The right tune for your network
Our company follows a policy of continuous improvement taking into account the latest worldwide developments. This ensures that our transformers are state-of-the-art and fully compliant with the modern world’s highest requirements: fast delivery time, improved quality and recycling capacities, reduced size and, on request, very low noise and losses values.

Depending on applications and environmental influences, you will require a different type of oil-immersed transformer. We can deliver every type of Minera :
• Hermetically sealed or breathing type
• For indoor applications in buildings or industrial plants and in compact distribution substations • For outdoor applications: ground mounted but also pad or pole mounted
• Low noise level for urban or residential areas • Normal, low, or very low level of losses
As customer satisfaction is our main concern, we constantly improve our manufacturing processes, thus we are able to speed up delivery times whilst ensuring a high level of quality. All our production sites of Minera oil-immersed transformers are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certified.To ensure this high level of quality, our Minera transformers undergo routine tests in accordance with IEC standards. We can also proceed to type tests or special tests on request.

- High quality level for more reliability
The magnetic core of the transformers is manufactured from a high grade, cold rolled grain oriented silicon steel. The stacking of the laminations is either butt lap or step lap type. The magnetic core is generally of a multi-layer, circular cross section type, where the slitting and cutting of the magnetic core is done by automatic machines. In order to reduce the sound level of the transformer to a minimum, the magnetic core and its framework are carefully sized to minimize the vibrations and in particular, the magnetostriction effects which constitute the main sources of sound in distribution transformers. In addition, in order to reduce the no load losses and / or the no load current of the transformer, the quality of the magnetic steel and the induction together with the design of the magnetic core are carefully chosen to meet the requirements.

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